About Veterans Security Operations

VSO is a one-of-a-kind VETERAN owned and operated Security Company that deploys security professionals on private contracts stateside, based out of ​Washington State.  We are a high end security team that travels to where our client's needs takes us.  We are not an overseas PMC (private military contractor).  We are comprised of skilled, intelligent, veterans of the United States Military.  We are unique in that we focus on contracts that require a team approach of 3-7 security officers.  Our goal is to secure contracts that require this team approach, the same way the military has train​ed all of their tactical groups.  Each security officer is licensed, insured, and trained through the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission and the Department of Licensing.

Types of Security Offered 

Below you will see what types of Security we provide for your detail (job).

Long Armed Security 

Armed security teams with long armed riffles are licensed and approved through the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission.  Used for high value/asset protection, each team member trained and certified through the state and in-house training requirements.

Armed Security

All armed security teams are outfitted with a handgun either open or concealed carry. Most security team members carry a back up weapon in addition to their primary weapon. If the client wants Armed Officers then we are most likely open carrying. 

Unarmed Security

Clients sometimes request that we use Unarmed Officers for special events with children, or sensitive crowds. We honor all requests for services, armed or not.

Plain Clothing Security 

Often times our client's needs require our teams to blend into the crowd.  For these purposes we focus on being inconspicuous, flying under the radar. This is most common with Private Executive Protection. We go where our client's needs take us.

Anti-Active Shooter (AAS)

AAS Guards are in Mil-Spec attire for the show of presence while standing guard at the front entrance of a school. This is a detouring factor for the offender and also this provides the client, child, and parent with a sense of assurance that their school is protected by  Real Combat Veterans. "There is no better person to protect your school for an AAS detail then someone that has been in real combat". Dr. Bill Jones, Florida School Principal.

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